About Mykonos

Located in the middle of the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is regarded among the most popular islands in Greece. Famous for the picturesque architecture, the wonderful beaches and the vivid nightlife, Mykonos suits mostly for younger crowds, although the elder will also find several spots to relax there. Easy to access by ferry and plane, Mykonos amazes visitors with the quaint style of Chora, the lovely sunset from the windmills, the exotic beaches and the fun nightlife.

The southern side of Mykonos distinguishes for the popular beaches, such as Paradise, Super Paradise, Psarou, Paranga, Lia and Platys Gialos, where the beach bars stay open from the morning till late at night. The northern side is calmer and offers more quiet locations, where you can enjoy true relaxation. No doubt, Mykonos is the island for all ages and tastes!


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